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Sine Wave Tutorial

Four online tutorials on sine waves are provided as follows:
  • Sine Wave 1 - Plotting a sine wave from a unit circle
  • Sine Wave 2 - Simple Pendulum
  • Sine Wave 3 - Harmonics and Audio Signals
  • Sine Wave 4 - Lissajous Figures
Select the Sine Wave Tutorial 1 menu option to start on the first tutorial.

Sine Wave Program

SineWave is a standalone Windows application. It displays waveforms with formulae of the format:

y = A sin x + B sin 2x + C sin 3x + D sin 4x + E sin 5x + .....

Four waveforms may be displayed at once and each waveform formula may have up to 30 terms. Thus simple waveforms like y = A sin x maybe be compared to more complex waveforms like y = A sin x + C sin 3x + E sin 5x.

This program can also play any one of the displayed waveforms, so that students can hear the difference that various harmonics of various amplitudes have on the sound of the waveform.

Select the Sine Wave Program menu option to find out more.

Colour Mixing

Blue and yellow make green - don't they. Well that depends on whether the mixing process is additive or substractive. Select the Colour Mixing menu option to find out more.

Reading Tutor

Dotric Pty Ltd is developing a software package that aids children in the development of basic reading skills. Select the DotReader menu option to find out more.