Make sure your speakers are turned on. Press the Word button to play a word or the Auto button to play the whole sentence.

DotReader - Reading Tutor

Dotric DotReader is a program that aids the development of children's reading skills. An early "proof of concept" prototype has been produced.

Dotric DotReader facilitates the addition of sounds to Microsoft Word documents. A separate sound is recorded for each word in a document. During playback, the sound recorded for each word is heard as each word is highlighted. Children are able to step through each word in a document and hear that word pronounced as it is highlighted on the screen.

The process of manually adding sounds to documents is seen to have the following advantages over word recognition software:
1. Potentially low cost.
2. Allows the use of familar voices.
3. Adds to the learning process by encouraging children to add their own voices to the document.
4. Allows commentary to be added to pictures and other document features that Microsoft Word identifies as "items".
Further cost savings are achieved by using Microsoft Word as the canvas for the documents.

Dotric DotReader is C++ add in to Microsoft Word. Once Dotric DotReader is installed, it is run via a series of menu items that appear in Microsoft Word. Communication between Dotric DotReader and Microsoft Word is achieved using COM. Commercial interest in Dotric DotReader, leading to a solid development path and a feasible marketing strategy, should be directed to Dotric Pty Ltd using the Contact Us link provided below.

NOTE: The online replication on this web page is for demonstration purposes only and is not identical in operation to the actual product.